All of our products are hand-crafted using fresh, high-quality ingredients. You can really taste the difference! Our candies utilize time-tested family recipes and are produced under government approved conditions by our amazing staff of candy fanatics! 

We  take immense pride in the quality and consistency of every bite!

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High-quality, consistent products which are made fresh to order to maximize shelf life.

Handmade Fudge in a large variety of flavors and sizes.

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High profit margins for you and your business.

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Manufactured under strictest standards in our Third Party Audited Facility. Our commitment to food safety and quality means you will have the best products possible!


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From the CEO and Staff of
How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Company
Be a Part of Our 1 to 1 Donation

In this difficult time in our history, we all want to do what we can. How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Co is dedicated to the idea that we live in the greatest nation in the world and we will come out of this situation stronger and wiser than ever. Because that’s what America does! 

We want to show our appreciation for all the people on the front lines; health care workers, first responders, law enforcement, transportation workers, warehouse and grocery workers, and all the rest of the people that are working hard to get us through this. 

Click on the donation button below and we will put whatever donation you make toward our efforts to get some well-earned, bite sized, individually wrapped chocolates and treats in their hands.  How Sweet It Is will match every dollar in donations with an equal value of candy at our cost. Easy to eat on the run, or in a down moment for a quick pick-me-up, our confections might just give these amazing individuals a brief bit of happiness in the face of this difficult scenario being played out across our land. So, give if you can and, most importantly, stay safe!

The Staff and Management of How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Co.