There is a rich family history behind How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Company and it all begins with our founder Joey Cusenza and his lovely bride Patty. Married in 1957, they raised their family and Joey started making his own special recipe of delicious fudge. He traveled all over the USA, touring endless county fairs and festivals, preparing fresh batches of fudge before the fascinated crowds. His natural charisma and showmanship made for an entertaining live presentation as the crowds were mesmerized watching Joey add ingredients to the bubbling copper kettle cooking over the open flame. They watched in wonder as the hot candy mixture was poured onto the massive marble table where he would deftly cream and form the confections by hand. Watching the mouthwatering process, coupled with Joey’s uplifting personality and humor, made for a great show and the crowd loved it.

In 1994 a dream came to fruition and Joey, Patty, and the rest of the family founded How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Company in a store front in West Branch, Michigan. Joey continued to tour the country, spreading the word of their new endeavor. Their son, Lenny Cusenza, became more actively involved and the homebase store gave them an opportunity to explore and learn more candy making techniques, expanding their product line beyond just fudge. They began producing and adding their own hand-crafted truffles, chocolate novelty shapes, chocolate clusters and candy barks, along with many other items. This led naturally to the creation of custom gift baskets, wedding and party favors, and many other personalized items. The home store now incorporated a full service candy & gift shop!


1997 brought expansion to a second location in East Lansing, Michigan and How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Company moved into manufacturing products designed for retailers to display on countertops. They began simply enough with chocolate covered pretzel rods but soon hit on what is still probably their most successful item, their famous Peanut Butter Buckeyes. Today they proudly offer nearly 30 countertop items that you can find (sporting our distinctive American Flag logo) all across the country. How Sweet It Is Fudge & Candy Company has been an innovator in bulk production of these products, all still hand-made, while committed to keeping them the freshest, safest, and most delicious for consumers to enjoy.

In 2000, Joey and Patty retired from the day to day running of the business and closed the original store in West Branch, choosing to devote their time to product development and community works on behalf of the company.

Joey passed away in May of 2017, but his rich legacy lives on with the family and the business. Today you will find us in our brand new facility located in Holt, Michigan, still making all of our candies by hand, committed to high quality with a personal touch.

We take a great deal of pride in this story of a man with a dream, a friendly smile, some portable candy equipment, and the willingness and entrepreneurial spirit to see his vision come to life